DVD takes a trip down Kirkcaldy’s memory lane ...

A DVD which traces the many changes in Kirkcaldy in the last 65 years is now on sale in time for Christmas.

Produced by local Talisman Films Limited, the film - ‘Kirkcaldy Past and Present’ - shows the ever changing face of the Lang Toun, featuring many unseen photographs and movie clips collected through the years.

Rosslyn Street and Pottery Street

Rosslyn Street and Pottery Street

Narrated by TV personality Cat Cubie, the 80 minute nostalgia trip is sure to provoke many memories in those who have lived in Kirkcaldy over the decades.

Talisman Films secretary Bill Gourlay explained the origins of the film.

“I was one of the founding members of Kirkcaldy Cine Club, despite the fact I didn’t have a cine camera at the time!” he said. “I bought a cine camera in 1963 and as well as making family films, I decided I would film the various changes that were happening in Kirkcaldy, such as the demolition of Goodsirs Brae to make way for Ravenscraig Flats and changes in Mid Street, Nether Street and straightening the notorious Path.

“Over the years I filmed wholesale changes over the town, Barry’s Factories, the last day of operation of Dysart and Sinclairtown stations, demolition of the Overton prefabs and the erection of Overton Mains area, Dysart demolition and replacement housing, the major changes in the High Street, building the Mercat and the new swimming pool.

Alexanders repair shop

Alexanders repair shop

“In 1978 I moved to Dunfermline with my job, however I kept going back to Kirkcaldy and filming the demolition of Rosslyn Street houses and shops, the building of Pathhead Village and the clearance of the shops at the Port Brae, to make way for the car park at the bottom of Coal Wynd.

“With the Cine Club I was involved with filming various activities in the town, such as the sports day in Ravenscraig Park in 1962 and several pageants over the years.

“At Talisman Films, we decided to use the films accumulated over the years and put it together and make a film. In addition to the films I had taken, I was also very fortunate to get the use of footage from George Gibb and Peter Westwater, covering several areas that I had missed.”

And Bill believes the film will be of interest to younger people as well as those with longer memories!

“I feel it’s very important to feature the history of the town, whether it’s on film or photographs, as this brings its history to life for everyone.”

The DVD will is on sale at a stall in the Mercat and in the Library/Museum shop.

It can also be ordered from Talisman’s website at website www.talismanfilmsscotland.co.uk.

You can see a short clip from the DVD above, and others will be posted over the weekend.