Dwindling stocks could lead to Christmas crisis

Fiona Findlay with Stephen Gethins and volunteer Ken Aitken.
Fiona Findlay with Stephen Gethins and volunteer Ken Aitken.

People in Cupar who depend on the town’s foodbank could face a bleak Christmas unless more supplies are donated soon.

Stocks are running desperately low at the St Catherine Street resource, with some 280kg of food being handed out but only 100kg being donated.

That means that volunteers are unable to begin planning their Christmas campaign, which last year saw emergency food parcels handed out to more than 200 people – half of whom were children.

Now North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins is urging kind-hearted Cuparians to rally round and help boost supplies.

He’s set up a collection point in his constituency office in Bonnygate to complement the existing one in Tesco, South Road.

He said: “I have been told that by now the Cupar Foodbank would be thinking about how to fill its Christmas hampers so they can help the worst hit families and individuals over the festive season, but with supplies of certain things being so low the foodbank team are a long way off doing that.

Items such as tinned meats and fish, corned beef, tinned fruit and custard as well as jars of pasta and curry sauce, and UHT milk are urgently needed, along with non-food items like cleaning products, washing up liquid, washing powder, shampoo and shower gel.

Cupar Foodbank manager Fiona Findlay said: “We are very grateful for all donations and while we have enough of things like pasta and beans, we need items that people can make into meals as well as cleaning and hygiene products that some people struggle to afford on top of food.

“Last Christmas, thanks to support from across the community, we provided 2400 meals to 200 people, including 100 children.

“Each family received a normal emergency food parcel of three days’ worth of food plus fresh food for Christmas and a selection of Christmas treats plus a small gift for children and their mums/dads.

“We hope to do this again but with demand rising sharply month after month it is becoming even more difficult.”

A full list of items needed is available at Mr Gethins’ office at 38-40 Bonnygate.

For more information on how you can help visit https://cuparfoodbank.org.uk.