Dying embers of popular Cardenden bonfire?

4512054 SSFF page 2 'Page 2 photo - Fireworks at Cardenden Bonfire - Wallsgreen Park, Cardenden
4512054 SSFF page 2 'Page 2 photo - Fireworks at Cardenden Bonfire - Wallsgreen Park, Cardenden

Event Committee to meet to decide display’s future

The future of Cardenden’s popular bonfire and fireworks display is hanging in the balance, with a meeting to decide what will happen with the annual event to be held soon.

Cardenden Community Bonfire Committee members will meet either at the end of this month or at the beginning of February to see whether or not they will continue the event in the wake of financial difficulties.

Around 5000 people attend the Wallsgreen Park display every November and it is very popular with locals.

But those organising the event have been finding it increasingly challenging to secure enough funding to keep it going.

Last October Alex Burns, chairman of the organising committee, warned that unless people gave donations at the 2013 display, it may not go ahead this year.

This week he said: “We want to continue holding the bonfire and fireworks display because if we didn’t people would go back to holding their own bonfires in their back gardens which is very dangerous.

“Having an organised display is much safer and it would be a big loss to the community if it couldn’t go ahead.

“We are in this situation because of financial reasons. Not everyone puts money in the collection tins at the event - if everybody did give something we might have enough funding.”

Mr Burns said the committee does get some financial support towards the £8000 running costs from Fife Council, Cardenden Community Council and Ore Valley Housing Association but it isn’t enough to fund the total running costs.

The theft of floodlights - which light up the event - the day after last year’s bonfire has not helped.

The equipment, which cost £7000, had been loaned because it was not covered by the committee’s insurance policy and now the committee may have to meet the costs.

Mr Burns said he hasn’t heard anything from the police about the theft, adding: “The event has been running for 26 years and we want to keep it going.”

Councillors’ views:

Councillor Mark Hood: “The Cardenden bonfire is a great event for the community. I will be working with the volunteers to see what support is required to make sure it continues.”

Councillor Ian Chisholm : “I shall be pushing for an increased sum from Cowdenbeath Area Committee, but we need cash from the folk enjoying the spectacle.” Councillor Linda Erskine said she was committed to supporting the volunteers to continue delivering the event.