Dysart couple stunned by bill after car hits wall

Tom Nisbet with the bill he was sent from Fife Council. Pic: FPA
Tom Nisbet with the bill he was sent from Fife Council. Pic: FPA

A Dysart couple said they were stunned after receiving a clean up bill from Fife Council after a car crashed into the wall outside their house.

The Council cleared away the debris following the accident at the home of Tom and Eileen Nisbet on Normand Road in September, which demolished the couple’s gate and fence as well as damaging a large part of the wall.

Aftermath of a crash at Normand Road, Dysart.

Aftermath of a crash at Normand Road, Dysart.

But Tom (72) said at no stage did the Council say that they would be charged for the work.

He said: “When the accident happened I said I wasn’t clearing it. It’s Fife Council’s responsibility as far as I’m concerned.

“If it can’t control the speed of the cars that are going past out there and one damages my property then I’m not responsible to go out and tidy it up.”

The couple were contacted by a representative from the Council’s transportation services who said that they would clean the mess up.

Tom said: “One day a Fife Council pick up appeared outside. The guy just dumped everything and left it piled high in my garden. I could have done that myself.

“Then we got a bill last week for £173.46. I couldn’t believe it. At no stage did anyone from the Council say that there would be a charge because we would have said no.

“I haven’t even answered the Council and I’m not going to pay it. It should be sent to the driver of the car.”

Fife Council have now apologised to Tom and Eileen and have ripped up the bill.

Sandy Dall, lead professional for roads network management (mid Fife), said: “We’re really sorry for any added inconvenience we’ve caused Mr and Mrs Nisbet. We won’t be charging them for the removal of the rubble.

“I’ve also contacted my colleagues in road safety and traffic management about this particular road.

“They’re arranging for a traffic speed survey to be carried out.”

Three crashes in four years...

The crash at Tom and Eileen’s house was the third time in just four years that a car has hit the same stretch of wall and was the second time that it has hit the Nisbet’s.

The first time was in November 2010 when a car hit the Nisbet’s wall.

The second crash happened in 2012 at one of the Nisbet’s neighbours.

Tom said he has repeatedly called on the Council to try to stop cars speeding on the road.