Dysart hole was not down to coal mining

Drilling at Quarry Brae. Pic: FPA
Drilling at Quarry Brae. Pic: FPA

The hole which appeared suddenly in front of a Scout hut next to Dysart cemetery was not caused by old mine workings.

Investigations carried out by the Coal Authority last week into what was behind the collapse of the ground have shown that coal mining was not to blame.

“From the drilling carried out by contractors on our behalf it would seem the most likely cause was the old quarry,” said Tom Currie, projects manager for Scotland.

“On one side of the hole the ground was solid and on the other it was broken up, which would suggest to us that the hole appeared right on the edge of the old quarry.

“It has been filled in with stones and that should ensure its safety. We are now trying to establish with the Scout master if the land belongs to the Scouts or if it is the local authority so that we can hand it over.”

The two-metre-deep by 1.2 metre-wide hole appeared three weeks ago.