Dysart ‘Outlander’ banners snatched overnight

Filming for Outlander took place last year in Dysart. Pic by Steven Brown Photography.
Filming for Outlander took place last year in Dysart. Pic by Steven Brown Photography.

The “petty” theft of banners promoting Dysart’s link with the blockbuster TV programme Outlander have sparked an appeal for their safe return.

Eunice Cameron, secretary of Dysart Community Council, had posted the banners at either end of Dysart on Friday night in anticipation of the new series which is due to broadcast on Amazon Prime next week.

The banners looked like this one

The banners looked like this one

But a mystery thief snatched them from Boreland and Ravenscraig Park leaving organisers stunned to discover them missing on Saturday morning.

“I think it’s highhanded, stupid and petty,” said Mrs Cameron.

“I’m really vexed.”

In a bid to raise the profile of Dysart, the community council had contacted Fife Council in February to ask permission to erect banners in the village.

“Along with several community councils in Fife, we have been preparing to advertise our part in the filming of Outlander,” said Mrs Cameron.

“Our harbour was used as a location last May when it was dressed as Le Havre in France and many Dysart folk watched the proceedings with great interest.”

Community councillors were informed, however, they were not allowed to erect permanent signs so two temporary banners were made, paid for entirely by small local businesses and coloured like Visit Scotland signposts.

“Time was running out and I erected these two banners over the weekend. To say I was dismayed at their removal doesn’t even come close,” said Mrs Cameron.

“In Dysart we feel we should be able to make money out of the Outlander project.”

Mrs Cameron is appealing for the safe return of the banners and hopes the community can help.

She can be contacted on 01592 651461

“I’ve tried to raise the profile of Dysart since becoming secretary two years ago and, rather than helping, the region seem to be happiest to say ‘no’,” she said.

“Whatever we want to do is met by negative thinking and a rubber stamp.

“Dysart has missed out time after time after time.”