Dysart residents: '˜Do something before wall collapses again'

Residents on a Dysart street which has been closed for SIX years say they're worried they could be marooned '“ as part of the wall which collapsed shows more subsidence.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 10:41 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 11:42 am
Linda Smart and Robert Kay, who have houses on Edington Place, Dysart which was closed six years ago after a wall collapsed.

Linda Smart and Robert Kay, who live just a few doors up from the part of the wall which collapsed on Edington Place in December 2009, are concerned that the influx of traffic because of the road closure means the wall is now deteriorating at a faster rate.

“If the winter gets to that wall this year, it will come down,” said Linda, who built a house on the street for her mother in 2000.

Robert added: “We were promised something before the end of the financial year last year, and then in April – it’s now May and still nothing.

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“They can send a rocket to the moon in three days, why has this taken six years?”

Scott Cleland, team manager for parks and open spaces at Fife Council, said they had been out to assess the wall and “will now conduct a more technical assessment and establish costs for the repairs needed”.

Meanwhile, to make matters worse, the pair say parking in the street is a nightmare, with both of their driveways often being blocked, or used by people for turning.

Because of the volume of parked cars, residents received letters warning them about their bin collections because the lorries cannot get past.

“And if a bin lorry can’t get down here, what is an ambulance or a fire truck going to do if there was an emergency?” said Linda.

She said she has enquired about land next to her home which she says could be used as a car park or turning point for residents, but was told it wasn’t for sale by Fife Council.

Murray Scott, lead professional, structures at Fife Council, said: “We can only apologise for the inconvenience this prolonged situation has caused local residents.”

He added: “Although the wall is privately owned, the land owner was successful in appealing to the Sheriff Court where it was determined that reconstruction costs should be shared with Fife Council.

“We have since produced an economic design for the rebuilding of the wall and Legal Services are close to finalising agreement with the owner’s solicitor so that we can proceed to tender the works.

“We regret the lengthy delay whilst the situation is resolved, however Edington Place and High Street, Dysart, must remain closed to traffic until the wall is rebuilt.”