Early Christmas for ASDA store...

IT may have been one of the worst summers on record weather-wise...

But, shoppers were still left rubbing their eyes when a Christmas tree appeared in a supermarket...a week before August was out.

They have perhaps become accustomed to the big festive sales push starting earlier and earlier, after Bonfire Night, or perhaps Hallowe’en.

Decorations materialising when the buckets and spades have barely been packed away has set tongues wagging.

Responding to news that the tree had appeared in an ASDA store, posters on the ’Gazette’ Facebook page expressed surprise.

One said: “Already? They are quick off the mark are they not?!”

Another added: “I was only joking when I said it’ll soon be Christmas!”

But some supported the early festivities, one contributor commenting: “Oh come on guys.

“Christmas is a great time. Nothing wrong with getting into the spirit early.”

An ASDA spokeswoman said: “Sadly, Christmas hasn’t come early in our stores this year - the grotto is just a bit of fun in a few of our stores this week as part of promotion for our Christmas savings card. We know that customers are already saving for Christmas, so our card is an easy way for them to put a little bit away each week to budget for the main event.

“It’s a little bit of fun and as mums are already starting to think about saving for Christmas, they are really pleased we are too. It was just a week in a few stores and it finished on Thursday.”