East end blues!

Large refuse bins outside Senses Awaken which smell & attract wasps
Large refuse bins outside Senses Awaken which smell & attract wasps
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A KIRKCALDY shop owner is kicking up a stink over three large bins placed outside her shop by Fife Council – and has started a petition to get them moved.

Evelyn Stoker, who owns Senses Awaken at the east end of High Street, says the bins are smelly, unsightly and attract wasps and flies, and are deterring customers from visiting her shop.

The bins were placed in a parking bay for the use of residents living in flats.

Evelyn said: “They were left there all last summer. I hadn’t been in business too long so I was wary of kicking up too much of a fuss, but the smell was awful and the wasps were horrendous. I don’t want to go through the same again this year.”

Damien Woods, Fife Council service manager, said the large grey bins were introduced as a solution to rubbish being left out daily in black bin bags, which were raided by seagulls and other animals, leaving a large amount of waste in the area.

“The new bins are the best way to manage waste in the area and are regularly emptied thereby preventing unsightly and smelly rubbish on the road and pavements,” he said. “It was agreed with our colleagues in transportation to locate the bins in a car parking bay, thus allowing the domestic properties to dispose of their waste without leaving it on the High Street. Since this has happened, some two years ago, the problem has been resolved.“

But Evelyn hit back, saying: “They’ve solved their problem, but they’ve created a bigger one for me.

“It’s ridiculous, The bins could be placed a few yards away in a lane beside the old cinema but I was told the residents wouldn’t walk that far! There are other flats in High Street, but you don’t see bins outside the big stores in the pedestrianised area. It’s one rule for them, and another for us down here.”

She also pointed out that bin bags are still being left in the street, piled next to the bins.

On occasion, the bins have been moved, usually by someone wanting the parking space, but the Council has always returned them to the bay outside Evelyn’s shop.

Evelyn is supported by neighbouring traders, including Stuart Somerville, of Apollo Blinds.

He said: “In a high street that doesn’t have a lot going for it, the first thing you see is these bins. It’s hard enough getting trade down here, without bins being on view taking up a parking space.”

Evelyn’s petition can be signed in her shop.