East Fifers break recycling record

Much of Fife now has a four-bin recycling system
Much of Fife now has a four-bin recycling system
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Residents in east Fife are recycling record breakers – with just under 70 per cent of their household waste being recycled.

It’s thought to be the highest rate of recycling in the UK.

Overall, recycling in Fife also reached a new record in 2013, with over 56 per cent of household waste recycled.

That means over 100,000 tonnes of waste was put to good use instead of being dumped in landfill sites, saving nearly £7.5 million in landfill tax payments.

It also resulted in an income of over £1.5 million from the sale of materials like glass, paper and scrap metal, and prevented the production of nearly 70,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

Council leader David Ross said: “This is excellent news and is an example of what can be achieved when the Council and communities work together. The £9 million saving secured by recycling over 100,000 tonnes is fantastic, especially at a time when we have to find ways to meet the budget gap.

“I have to say a huge thanks to householders and employees who have contributed to our success in this area. It’s also very pleasing to note the enormous reduction in greenhouse gas emissions achieved by Fife’s recycling efforts. Recent weather events demonstrate just how important that is.

“Last year’s performance gives us confidence in Fife’s ability to meet Scottish Government targets in relation to recycling. These require councils to recycle 60 per cent of waste by 2020 and 70 per cent by 2025. We’ve still got a bit to do, but we are on our way.”

One reason for east Fife’s amazing performance is that, unlike west and central Fife, it is fully covered by the four bin service, which allows householders to recycle a wide range of materials at the kerbside.

Completion of the roll out of this service in other areas is planned for autumn this year.