East Neuk welcomes improved bus links with Edinburgh

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Commuters to Edinburgh from the East Neuk have said they are delighted that Stagecoach Fife responded to requests for an improved evening service.

The two additional journeys from Edinburgh Bus Station for the East Neuk are the 4.40pm and the 5.40pm X60 buses continuing all the way through to Cellardyke. Regular bus commuters are appealing to others to try out this service as it represents great value for money, is less stressful than driving and better for the environment.

Long term commuter Vicky Brown who travels into Edinburgh from the East Neuk five days a week said: “The evening commute had always been a nightmare. The X60 bus terminates at Leven in the evening which means a change to a 95 which presented two problems.

“Firstly, the route of the 95 is indirect, making the last leg of the commute longer; and secondly if the X60 was late, the connecting bus could not always wait, meaning a 40 minute wait for the next bus.

“This meant that sometimes my daily commute could extend from 6.10am to 9pm.”

A further blow was dealt in January 2015 when the bus times were changed meaning that in order to get the connecting 95 bus in the evening an earlier bus had to be caught.

This meant a reduction in the normal 9-5 working day which employers obviously find unacceptable. This change was enough to cause one commuter to suffer so much stress that they had to take weeks off work. However, many of the weary commuters responded to this poor scheduling by taking their protests to social media and email.

Commuter, Jo Taylor, wrote to the commercial manager of Stagecoach East Scotland, Douglas King.

She said: ‘Mr King took a great amount of time and effort to explain to her the logistics involved in timetabling buses and drivers, and he was incredibly helpful.

“However, it did appear that there was nothing that could be done to alleviate the situation so I wrote to the then local MP, Sir Menzies Campbell, who tried other official channels, but the situation still appeared hopeless.”

Now that the new timetabling has come into force both women and their fellow commuters are delighted.

Vicky said: “The new timetable makes a massive difference to us all, I’m so happy that Stagecoach has taken this positive step for commuters in the East Neuk, I can’t praise them enough.

“This new timetable makes commuting by bus from the East Neuk far more attractive and will hopefully herald an increase in commuters.“

She added: “If you live in the East Neuk and currently commute to Edinburgh, give the buses a try and join the happy band of bus-buddies on the new improved commuter service!”