Eco dedication impresses inspectors

Aberhill eco-flag
Aberhill eco-flag

ABERHILL Primary school youngsters have earned their second eco-flag after a recent inspection praised pupils’ on-going commitment.

Unfortunately, the school garden had been severely vandalised since the last inspection was held, and therefore the inspector was amazed by the work being done to bring it back up to standard.

The green-fingered youngsters have been in touch with local businesses to gain support and help with the project.

The school is also part of a new energy saving pilot and the children have been learning about how to make their homes and school more energy efficient.

Pupils also take part in regular litter picking events and recycling is a main priority at the school as well as encouraging wildlife into the garden by feeding the birds.

The primary seven classes have also been focusing on waste minimisation.

Primary two teacher Jenny Gibbs, told the Mail: “We’ve had lots of help and support from parents and the local community, which has been invaluable.

“Our next step is to sustain the work being done and to continue to make the school a welcoming place”.

Jack Thomson, a primary seven pupil added: “I enjoy the eco-group because I am helping my school to make it a better place.”