Be transparent & open ... and quick!

Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy
Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy
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the inquiry into allegations of bullying at a Kirkcaldy college must be carried out quickly and be “totally open and transparent” to save the college’s reputation.

That was the view expressed by David Torrance, Kirkcaldy’s MSP this week.

Welcoming the First Minister’s call for a full investigation into concerns expressed by staff past and present and students, Mr Torrance told the Press how he is still getting people coming forward with claims that they have experienced “bullying and intimidation” from senior management.

“They are still coming forward daily - I must have had around 50 cases so far,” he explained.

“I am really glad the Scottish Government has taken an interest in this for the sake of the 900 staff as well as the students so we can get a speedy conclusion to the allegations and start rebuilding its reputation which has undoubtedly been damaged.”


And the MSP said he fully backed the motion issued by college members of the local branch of the EIS at its AGM on Thursday calling for the Board of Governors at the college and the Scottish Government to “suspend the principal and those members of the Executive team under investigation until an independent inquiry has been concluded, and all recommendations implemented.”

Mr Torrance said: “This shows that the EIS membership has no confidence in the college to deal with these issues correctly.

“I would urge the Board of Governors to take these allegations seriously and take action now to solve this.”

And he hit back at claims that he had not taken his concerns directly to the college.

No reply

“I first raised these allegations with the Board of Governors in June. I then followed this up in October when I asked how the proceedings were going, and I still have not received a reply.

“For the college to say that I have not spoken to them before taking this to the Scottish Government is nonsense, as I have twice spoken to the Board of Governors, but got nowhere.”