Bridging the IT gap for town’s over 50s

Glenrothes Area Residents Committee (GARC) is offering IT Training to the over 50's.
Glenrothes Area Residents Committee (GARC) is offering IT Training to the over 50's.

Townsfolk need no longer fear new technology– thats the message from one of Glenrothes’ leading tenant associations, with the launch of their new IT initiative.

That’s because Glenrothes Area Tenants and Residents Federation (GARF) is giving older people the chance to get connected with a new programme of computer training.

And what’s more, they will be given the skills to switch on and communicate digitally with the wider world for free.

The new initiative is aimed at anyone over 50 years of age who has either never used a computer before, or who has limited user skills and wants to learn how to get more from the likes of the internet, email and social media.

“We understand that there can be a fear of the unknown when it comes to computers and IT for those of older generations and we want to address that,” explained Leslie Bain from CARF.

“What we will be providing is a relaxed and fully supported way to learn the simple skills that will get people up and running.”

With a maximum of four people per session working closely alongside an experienced tutor, residents are guaranteed to not only gain new skills, but without the stress of a formal classroom.

Following a series of pilot sessions which proved successful for all those who enrolled, GARF have now set up regular training sessions which will run right up to Easter 2017, thanks to funding from Glenrothes area committee.

“We are delighted to have the funding that will allow us to run for at least the next six month,” said Mr Bain.

As well as the social aspect of the training, the sessions have a serious aim too.

“The demands on people with regard to job searches, welfare, housing and benefits all now require people to be able to log on, complete online applications and job searches and a host of other requirements, which are all vital if those people are to survive,” he explained.

“This simple form of training will help people over those hurdles and reduce the risk of sanctions and other problems, “ he added.

With sessions now already up and running, anyone wanting to know more or join in can do so by contacting Glenrothes Area Residents Association any weekday on (01592) 611139.