Councillor calls for Adam Smith College to take brave action over bullying claims

0111026 SSFF stock asc 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - adam smith college, kirkcaldy
0111026 SSFF stock asc 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - adam smith college, kirkcaldy

A motion of no confidence in Adam Smith College principal, Dr Craig Thomkson, was unprecedented, says a councillor who one taught there.

Kay Morrison, a former lecturer at the college for 28 years, said the past few weeks had been testing - and a test of the organisation;’s courage and integrity.

And she said called for inquiries into the alleged culture of management bullying to be swift and open.

Cllr Morrison, Labour’s education spokesman, said staff were committed to students and expected to work hard.

She added: ‘‘But they don’t expect to be bullied or intimidated. Every staff member should be respected and should show respect appropriately.’’

She said the motion passed by the college branch of the EIS was a poweerful statement.

She said the union was ‘‘a body hardly given to impulsive decision-making’’ and added:’’A motion of no confidence in the college principal, calling for his suspension and that of members of the executive team under investigation, while an independent enquiry is conducted ... to my knowledge, this is unprecedented in Fife.’’

She added: ‘‘It’s clear that action is required of all involved, including the college board which has found the last couple of weeks extremely testing. It is a test of its courage and integrity, its willingness to tackle the situation, its desire to assist in putting things right in Adam Smith College.’’