Kirkcaldy girls enjoy learning in the great outdoors

Outdoor learning for Pathhead girls. Pic by Walter Neilson
Outdoor learning for Pathhead girls. Pic by Walter Neilson

Girls from Pathhead Primary have been enjoying spending time in the great outdoors as part of a new girls’ club.

Thirteen pupils in P6 and 7 have been taking part in the after school sessions from the start of the school year run in conjunction with Claire Reid, education manager with the Ecology Centre in Kinghorn.

The girls were identified through the Active Schools programme to benefit from spending more time on physical activities, and throughout the last ten months they have been learning about and practising safe fire-lighting without leaving a trace, identifying local wildlife and trees, tree planting and much more, in local woodland.

And last week they marked the end of their learning process when they were presented with John Muir Award certificates.

John Muir was an American explorer who camped with an American president for three days in the wilderness, and the aim of the award is to encourage others to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places.

The girls also received bouquets of wildflowers along with their certificates.

Halle McCormick (10) said: “We learned a lot about wildlife and how to keep ourselves safe outdoors. It was great fun.”

Taylor Balfour (10) added: “It was good fun learning how to make ‘no trace’ fires and we learned a lot about teamwork and friendship.”

And Skye Hutchison (12) said: “I learned about identifying footprints of animals and leaves from trees. It takes away your stress and anger.”

Louise Ward, depute head teacher, said: “It has taught them lots of life skills, and they have all been amazing.”