Kirkcaldy High teacher Audrey shines at SQA Star Awards

Audrey Diamond, English teacher at Kirkcaldy High School
Audrey Diamond, English teacher at Kirkcaldy High School

A Kirkcaldy High School teacher has been named appointee of the year at the SQA Star Awards.

Audrey Diamond, an English teacher at the school, was presented with the award at a ceremony in Edinburgh last Friday night.

The award recognises her outstanding dedication to her colleagues and pupils during her 20 years as an SQA appointee.

Appointees are the markers, assessors, setters and invigilators who support the delivery of SQA’s annual diet of examinations and assessments.

Speaking after the event, Audrey, said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been recognised.

“But it’s always a team Kirkcaldy, which is a brilliant school, or as part of the English examination team at SQA. I am lucky to work with such fantastic people. I’ve always believed that we are all in it for the young people and I hope that this recognises that too.”

Derek Allan, headteacher at Kirkcaldy High, added: “We are all absolutely delighted for Audrey and have been flooded with messages of congratulations from staff, pupils and former pupils.

“Audrey has been an outstanding contributor to both the SQA and to KHS for two decades and I am very proud to work alongside her.

“Her dedication, especially to pupils who sometimes find school difficult, is an inspiration.

“For any young person considering teaching as a career, I would cite Audrey as a shining example of excellence.”