Kirkcaldy pupils appear in court!

The winning team
The winning team

Pupils from Kirkcaldy High School have been judged to be the winning team in a prestigious national law competition.

A team of six students, most of them studying Highers or Advanced Highers in Modern Studies and History, are the winners of this year’s Scottish Schools Mock Court Project.

Sam Aslam, Alisha O’Callaghan, Jay Elder, Ashley Davidson, Jennifer Thomson and Isla Wright, were presented with the Eve Crowe Memorial Cup by Lady Dorrian, Lord Chief Justice at an awards event in the Signet Library, Parliament Square in Edinburgh last Thursday in the competition which was sponsored by the WS Society.

The Mock Court Case is a challenging project which sees students, over a period of several weeks, consider a personal injury case and, with the support of the Law School in Edinburgh, prepare a case which they will either prosecute or defend in court. The team from Kirkcaldy took on the role of Prosecutors for this case.

The students had the support of lawyers with a range of expertise, who helped them work through a mountain of paperwork to try and ascertain the relevant facts of the case which they then presented in the Court of Session in Edinburgh against a defending team from Dunbar Grammar School.

The students, supported by teacher Aneliese Ashby, were highly commended for their skills in researching, presenting, arguing and cross–examining their case which was heard by Sheriff McFadyen.

Corinne Meek, head of social studies, said: “They gained enormously from this experience, developing a wide range of skills in the process and we are very proud of the team and its hard work.”