Only a third of successful university applicants from Scotland

Stock pic: Jane Barlow.
Stock pic: Jane Barlow.

Scottish school leavers might be missing out on places at St Andrews University, with around only one third of successful applicants coming from Scotland.

Figures published by Audit Scotland show that just 35 per cent of applicants offered a place at the prestigious university in 2015 came from Scotland, the third lowest rate in the nation.

That compares to 45 per cent at the University of Dundee and 77 per cent at the University of Abertay.

However, it is higher than the 30 per cent at the University of Edinburgh.

The rate has dropped across Scotland in the last five years, with the number of applications from Scots increasing by 23 per cent and offers from the universities only rising by nine per cent.

In response to the figures, Labour criticised the Scottish Government’s funding cuts and argued free tuition meant a cap had been placed on the number of Scots who could benefit from a university education.

Labour’s education spokesman Iain Gray called on the cap to be relaxed and claimed Scots were being ‘locked out’ of their own education system.