St Andrews school to be rebuilt at Kilrymont site

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Fife Council has decided to press ahead with plans to rebuild St Andrews’ new Madras College at the current Kilrymont Road site.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Education Committee today (Thursday) which descended into a shouting match and was later described by Labour leader Alex Rowley as ‘‘undemocratic.’’

Mr Rowley supported a motion calling for a final decision on a new site to be delayed until further information was known and parents and stakeholders had been convinced about the site’s suitability.

However, that motion attracted only five votes and Kilrymont Road was then adopted as the preferred site when 10 councillors voted in favour of it.

After the meeting, an outraged Mr Rowley told the Citizen: “I’m appalled at the way this whole issue has been dealt with and I will be lodging a complaint with the chief executive immediately.

“The concerns and views of the people of St Andrews have not been listened to and we, as councillors, have been denied the opportunity to express those views.

“We believe the Liberal Democrats and the SNP had already agreed on the Kilrymont site and it was then decided at the meeting there would be no discussion.

“All we asked was that the decision be delayed until the people of St Andrews are given enough information about this site because, at the moment, most of them are unconvinced.’’