Tesco delivers ‘park and stride’ initiative

The new travel plan was launched this week
The new travel plan was launched this week

Tesco in Cupar has designated part of its car park to help improve the safety of pupils going to and from Castlehill Primary School.

Parents can now drop their children off at the top end of the South Road store’s car park as part of a new travel plan unveiled at the school this week.

Three of the school’s pupil road safety officers – Lauren McQuilton, Ellis Tozer and Faith Adam – joined forces with Police Scotland and Tesco to launch the event, the first of a series which it’s hoped will help put an end to concerns about the children’s safety.

Like many schools, Castlehill has a problem with drivers who park irresponsibly and the travel plan is the latest of a number of initiatives aimed at tackling the issue. Last month, every parent and guardian received a letter from the police warning that those who continue to flout traffic regulations face tough action.

On Monday, community officers Sgt Ewan Pearce and PC Kevin Adam were joined by Tesco community champion Elaine Brailsford to present the plan to the whole school.

Explained PC Adam: “This is the first in a series of events designed to go on over the year and beyond.

“There are other events planned throughout the year which include poster competitions, classroom activities, assemblies as well as road safety, parking and speed awareness events. Tesco has also given permission to allow parents and carers to ‘Park and Stride’ from the Tesco car park.

“These are just a few of the events planned in order to safeguard families in Cupar, encouraging safe and healthy travel whilst utilising the excellent community links established between Tesco, Police Scotland, Castlehill Primary School and the wider community.

“We are delighted to be working together with Castlehill Primary School on the launch of their Safer Routes Plan,” PC Adam continued.

“This highlights the benefit of partnership working and displays a major factor in promoting road safety whilst establishing close links with members of our communities. We will also continue to monitor the areas around the school for irresponsible parking and send out letters to drivers who continue to ignore designated bus lanes, zig-zag lines and double yellow lines.”

PC Adam is pictured on the right along with Sgt Pearce, Elaine Brailsford and teacher Michael Hamilton.