The fight goes on!

PARENTS fighting the closure of Dunearn Primary School have vowed to continue their campaign, despite the decision last week to close the doors for the final time in June 2012.

Fife’s education committee councillors voted on Thursday to shut the school after months of contention over the proposals.

But parents have now sent letters to the Scottish Government asking for the Learning Minister to ‘call in’ the decision, despite councillors maintaining it was made after an ‘open and honest’ consultation.

Shelley Donnelly, who has two children at Dunearn, said: “I feel gutted.

Kids’ upheaval

‘‘It’s taken me so long to get my boy in P2 settled into the routine of school. Getting him settled all over again elsewhere is just awful.

“I’m very disappointed that as parents we don’t get to say our view - the only aspect was that of councillors.

‘‘I still don’t think they have all the information needed to make this kind of decision, and that was obvious today.”

Councillors were told by education bosses that, despite the consultation coming out overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the school open, numerous factors, including the state of the building and the under-occupancy, meant closing it was the recommended option.

However parents have called into question the lack of information available to councillors on the day, with figures on nursery places and costs for knocking down the building unavailable, as well as anger over the fact that the parents were not allowed to address the committee.

Tough decision

Councillor Douglas Chapman, committee chairman, said the decision was not an easy one to make.

He said: “Any school closure is a contentious issue and raises a lot of emotion.

‘‘To try to find more money would be very difficult, especially if we were taking the case to other parts of the Council, because the first question they would ask would be about nearby provision.

“We did not take this decision lightly. Every effort will be made to make sure this is a smooth transition for everyone involved.”

Kirkcaldy Councillor and chairman of the town’s area committee, Alice Soper, defended criticism that local councillors did not know about the plans to close Dunearn early enough.

She added: “No one wants to close a school but to try to say this suddenly came out of the blue - I don’t accept it.”