Toll Park is right site for new school - councillor

choosing Burntisland’s Toll Park as the site for a new primary school for the town was the right decision.

So says Councillor George Kay, the SNP representative for the town on Fife Council.

Hitting back at allegations from fellow Labour councillor, Ron Edwards, that alternative sites had not been fully considered, Mr Kay said it had been agreed that there was “no perfect site” on which to build the educational facility, but the Toll Park was the next best thing.

“About six months ago I came up with the idea of using the Lammerlaws and myself and the head officers went to look at it and it was taken back and gone through thoroughly, but at the end of the day they convinced me that there were problems there that just couldn’t be overcome.

“What we have come up with at the Toll Centre site is a facility that will be developed for the 21st century.

‘‘At the moment the Toll Park is a 20th century facility which is far from ideal to serve the town. In these plans it will become the centre of the town where people will have access to key sports facilities, a proper football pitch, a proper swing park and proper leisure facilities.

“We are not taking something away from the town, we are giving something to it, and at a time when we are seeing enormous cuts in expenditure.

“The money which is currently being invested in Burntisland shows confidence and faith in the children who have achieved excellence in very Victorian circumstances and this new school will match their abilities and help them to realise their full potential.”