Very good results but a word of caution ...

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KIRKCALDY’S four secondary schools have done well in this year’s school exam league tables.

Almost all the figures for S4 pupils passing five or more Standard Grades and those passing three or more Highers have shown a rise.

However all four have cautioned parents against placing too much emphasis on the figures, saying that many other factors contribute to the success of a school.

Balwearie came out top of the Fife schools, with a rise in pupils passing five or more Standard Grades from 84-86 per cent; KHS from 74-75 per cent; St Andrews down from 83-66 per cent and Viewforth up from 65-68 per cent. The national average stayed the same at 78 per cent.

Rising pass rate

In Higher examinations the percentage of pupils passing three or more was: Balwearie up from 26-34 per cent; KHS up from 13-19 per cent; St Andrews up from 15-20 per cent and Viewforth remaining the same at 6 per cent.

James More, rector of Balwearie said: “I am delighted with the performance of our pupils.

‘‘They worked very hard throughout the session and put in many extra hours of study to achieve their excellent results.

“The partnership between pupils, teachers and parents is very strong and this supports as many pupils as possible in achieving their full potential.”

Derek Allan, rector at KHS said: “This is only a snapshot of a particular group within the school where groups vary in ability.

“We are really pleased with our S5 results which are the best in a while, and we hope to build on this good performance.

“However I would be cautious about reading too much into the statistics as it is about helping each child to achieve their maximum potential and instilling ambition to make them to want to do better.”

Adrian Watt, rector of Viewforth said: “There are a number of areas where Viewforth is well ahead of similar schools throughout Scotland and of course we are delighted with this. Like all other schools, the analysis of exam results identifies areas for improvement and we are working hard at these.

“However youngsters who work equally hard may achieve different grades or different qualifications and it is important to recognise their hard work.”