EFCSA - “We’ll carry on with hub plans”

EFCSA want to create a community sports hub by 2020
EFCSA want to create a community sports hub by 2020

As well as one-off events, Lee Murray was also involved in a strategy that would have s een East Fife FC develop into one of the top community clubs in Scotland by 2020.

The ambitious project was in partnership with the East Fife Community Sports Academy.

And although Mr Murray will no longer be involved , the EFCSA has said it will continue with its plans.

A spokesman from East Fife Community Sports Academy (EFCSA) told the Mail: “We wish to thank the outgoing chairman Lee Murray for his unwavering support in our work.

“EFCSA’s vision is to create first class opportunities for people of all ages to participate in sport, physical activity and learning.

“This has not changed with the departure of the chairman and we continue to build on our excellent work with the local community.

“EFCSA remains committed to our plans to build a first class community sports facility at New Bayview in partnership with East Fife Football and we will spend the next few weeks speaking to our funders and partners to assess the long term viability of these plans in light of the chairman’s resignation.”