Elderly woman badly injured due to poor footpath

Dorothy Law
Dorothy Law

An elderly woman from Leven has called for improvements to be made to a public footpath near to her home after she fractured her nose in a painful fall.

Dorothy Law (73) had been walking home to her home on William Laing Crescent via a short footpath which lies between McPhail’s pub and the former Ambassadeur Snooker Club just before Christmas.

There are several dips and potholes - and one of them caused Dorothy to lose her footing and fall directly on to her face.

“Everyone uses the alley way – I’ve used it for about 10 years,” she said. “I really don’t know how long I lay there, but a couple came over to help me, and took me home.

“When the paramedics came, they said they couldn’t take me to hospital because my face was so swollen they wouldn’t be able to X-ray it. They told me to wait a couple of days and go to the hospital myself.”

Dorothy waited until the Monday and visited her doctor at Leven Health Centre.

“He was really shocked at the state of my face and said he would phone the hospital for me to arrange an appointment.”

An X-ray at Victoria Hospital later revealed Dorothy had suffered a bad fracture in her nose, and the Leven resident said she is still suffering headaches.

“I got some strong painkillers from my doctor last week. The swelling is still going down. I have only been back down the alleyway once.”

And because of the fall, Dorothy has also been left without a proper pair of spectacles as she is unable to pay for a new set, approximated at £300.

“I usually save up to buy new ones when I know I have a check-up coming up, but because it happened just before Christmas, I can’t afford it right now.”

Fife Council and the owners of the former snooker club both said it did not own the land.