Election 2015 - I’ll fight for local people at a national level

Melanie Ward, Labour candidate for Glenrothes
Melanie Ward, Labour candidate for Glenrothes

Melanie Ward, Labour candidate for Glenrothes, said she will draw on her experience of working as an anti-poverty campaigner to fight for local people at a national level if elected on May 7.

That was her message as she addressed supporters at the launch of the Labour Party’s manifesto in Glasgow last week.

Miss Ward joined Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Margaret Curran, and former miner and retiring Midlothian MP David Hamilton to talk about the rise in food banks, zero hours contracts and child poverty.

She told the mixed audience and journalists that the people of in the Glenrothes and Central Fife constituency were demanding change at this election.

The following day she took part in a Radio Scotland discussion on tackling poverty in north of the boarder.

“I’m an anti-poverty campaigner with national experience in fighting for action on issues like tax dodging,” she told listeners.

“A decade ago I led the Scottish student movement in successfully keeping tuition fees out of Scotland, that’s when I learned how to make change in Parliament.

“My work has changed the law. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again on the big issues in our area if local people put their trust in me on May 7 as I will fight for local people at a national level.”

She added that she thought it was disgraceful that some children in the region are growing up in poverty.

“It is disgraceful that so many local families are working hard but still can’t make ends meet because of poverty pay and zero hours contracts,” said Miss Ward.

“It is disgraceful that food banks are growing here in Fife, yet we live in the sixth richest country in the world, the Tories have never cared about issues like this.”

She went on to criticise the current government claiming them to be “out of touch with reality in our part of Fife”.