Election candidates confirmed for Fife seats

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Fife’s candidates for the General Election have been confirmed.

The deadline for standing in the May 7 poll passed on Thursday.

The four main parties - Labour, SNP, Tories and Lib Dems - are contesting all four Fife seats - with the Greens fielding two candidates, UKIP one, and there is just one independent.

Councillors past and present dominate the lists -they comprise eight of the 20 hopefuls bidding to move to Westminster.

They include Kenny Selbie and David Dempsey in Kirkcaldy, Tim Brett, Brian Thomson and Mike-Scott-Hayward in North East Fife, Peter Grant and Jane-Anne Liston in Glenrothes, and Douglas Chapman in Dunfermline.

The election will herald a new era in politics in Fife with three of the four sitting MPs all standing down - Gordon Brown (Kirkcaldy), Lindsay Roy (Glenrothes) and Sir Menzies Campbell (North-east Fife) have all bowed out of politics.

But who succeeds them is open to debate.

Opinion polls continue to show strong support for the SNP with Labour facing a major challenge even in seats which were traditionally considered ultra safe.

The parties are likely to go head to head in Kirkcaldy where Gordon Brown’s huge personal majority of around 23,000 could be tested, and Dunfermline and Glenrothes.

In North East Fife, the departure of the respected Sir Menzies plus the national collapse in the Lib Dem allied to the surge in support for the SNP could also produce an intriguing contest.

The candidates confirmed are:

Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath - Dave Dempsey (Conservative), Callum Leslie (Lib Dem), Roger Mullin (SNP), Jack Neill (UKIP), Kenny Selbie (Labour)

North East Fife - Huw Bell (Conservative), Tim Brett (Lib Dems), Andy Collins (Green Party), Stephen Gethins (SNP), Mike Scott-Hayward (Independent), Brian Thomson (Labour)

Glenrothes - Peter Grant (SNP), Jane Ann Liston (Lib Dem), Alex Stewart-Clark (Conservative), Melanie Ward (Labour)

Dunfermline & West Fife Lewis Campbell (Green Party), Douglas Chapman (SNP), Gillian Cole-Hamilton (Lib Dems), Thomas Docherty (Labour), James Reekie (Conservative),

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