Elie youngsters in panto Wonderland!

Elie Primary School's production of Alice in Wonderland, December 2013
Elie Primary School's production of Alice in Wonderland, December 2013

In its third and most ambitious panto production to date, at Earlsferry Town Hall, the 39 pupils of Elie Primary School entertained packed audiences during three performances of ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

While the principals – Alice, Lewis Carroll, White Rabbit and the Red Queen – were drawn from P7, every child in the school had speaking and singing parts, often tackling solos, while every P1 recited a nursery rhyme in full costume throughout the show.

The children conducted their guests on a tour of Wonderland and, after journeying down the rabbit hole, found themselves in a rabbit’s house, in a pool of tears, taking part in a Caucus Race, visiting the Duchess’ house in a world where playing cards rule the land of the dreaded Red Queen, and where the Knave Of Hearts is standing trial for stealing the tarts.

Alice, on her travels, meets amazing characters such as a mouse, a lory, a gryphon, an eaglet, a mock turtle, a dodo, a white rabbit, a dormouse, a Mad March Hare and a Mad Hatter whose speciality is Elvis impressions.

The entire show lasted over two hours and pupils and staff were thrilled by the feedback from the community.

The pupils’ experience of being on a real stage was greatly enhanced by the professional assistance received from sound men, David Rutherford and Pete Rabjohns, while Jeff Hooper and Dave Patullo manned the lights.