Emotions run high in Burntisland

Burntisland’s Heritage Centre was fairly quiet when I dropped in to see how things were going in the Independence Referendum voting.

But I was assured by the Yes campaigners – Kevin Mc Ginty (28), Robert Smitj (29) and leader of the Burntisland Yes campaigners, Colin Fraser (45), that voting had been good throughout the morning.

Referendum update

Referendum update

“It has been amazingly busy here and I think the turnout will exceed all expectations,” said Colin.

“It has been an emotional morning and one girl came out of the polling station in tears.

“She said she had just watched her young child put her ballot paper in the box and it had really got to her. I think quite a few people have been hit by the emotions of it all, now that it is finally here.

“Here in Burntisland people who had become disenfranchised with politics are coming out in their droves, and a three separate times the queue here has been out the door.”

Meanwhile up at the Toll Centre in there was a steady flow of voters being greeted by both Yes and Better Together campaigners.

Maureen Davies (68), said she got involved in the Better Together campaign since the Kirkcaldy office opened up and had been campaigning since.

“I believe that Scotland is better and stronger as part of the UK,” she said.

A policeman on duty at the centre said there had been a really busy spell just after 9.00 a.m. when parents dropped their children off at the nearby primary school, and he expected another surge around 6.30 p.m.

“Everyone is in very high spirits and it has been very good natured here,” he said.