End of road for Burntisland monkey puzzle tree

Councillor Kay's Monkey Puzzle Tree
Councillor Kay's Monkey Puzzle Tree

A popular landmark in a Burntisland street is set to be removed next week due to safety concerns.

One of the major attractions for local councillor George Kay when buying his house in Kirkbank Road 23 years ago was the Monkey Puzzle tree which sat in the front garden.

He and his wife Mary have looked after it during that time but, in recent years they have become concerned about the state of the tree.

Cllr Kay said: “We have nourished, cherished and been custodians of the tree.

‘‘In the last two years the tree has started showing signs of distress as well as developing a pronounced listt.

“It has completely outgrown the site and is almost certainly now uninsurable. The high winds in January left us in a state of alarm in our own home.

‘‘We have taken advice from a qualified tree specialist and they have advised it should be felled. We have been given permission to have the tree removed.”

He continued: “We do realise this may cause upset to some people in the town but we have to weigh that up against the possibility of causing serious harm to the neighbourhood and pedestrians. This will also cause upset to our immediate family and our grandchildren have travelled up from Hertfordshire this weekend to give the tree a farewell hug.”

The tree is due to be felled on Monday.