‘End the six-week silence’

Bankhead House office. Pic by Fife Photo Agency
Bankhead House office. Pic by Fife Photo Agency

Calls have been made for Fife Council’s housing department to end its six-week silence and deal with public concerns expressed over two social housing proposals in the Glenrothes area.

Councillor Ross Vettraino has told the Gazette he wrote to housing chief Derek Muir on September 8 outlining issues expressed by residents living close to proposals for Station Road, Thornton and Tantallon Avenue, Pitteuchar, but says he has still to receive even a basic response.

Over 230 people have already signed petitions calling for the local authority to rethink plans to build 10 new social houses at Fife Council’s Bankhead House site.

“I don’t know if it is indicative of how little importance he is attaching to the issue, but I haven’t even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement to my queries,” said Mr Ross.

He continued: “I have suggested that every householder in the immediate area of a proposed development should receive a leaflet explaining the Council’s proposals and that those householders, who took the time to provide feedback, should be written to and advised of the effect that their comments, both individually and collectively, had had.

“So far, I am being told, by those who expressed profound concern about the additional demand that the development at Tantallon Avenue would have on car parking, that the Council’s reaction has been to reduce the car parking spaces by two.”

Cllr Vettraino also enquired if the option of reverting Bankhead House back to its original housing use had been considered.

He said: “Sadly, I’ve heard nothing. I say ‘sadly’, because I believe the Council wants to put people first, but the lack of response from the head of housing does not support the Council in that regard.”

Mr Muir told the Gazette he has apologised to Cllr Vettraino for not responding.

He added: “We would like to reassure him and the local community that since the Tantallon Avenue consultation event in August we have been reassessing the proposal based on the useful comments and feedback we collected.”

Mr Muir confirmed that following concern over parking, a revised proposal was being drawn up to reflect residents views.

He also confirmed that all who took part in consultation would be and advised of how they plan to address the main issues raised by the public.