Enterprising pupils are the business!

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KIRKLAND High pupils have shown they have a real brain for business after coming out top in a Fife-wide enterprise competition.

The group of S5 students recently attended the final of the schools’ enterprise challenge, a project where pupils from across the Kingdom were asked to demonstrate their business savvy on issues such as the economy and enterprise to experts.

The Kirkland pupils pitched an idea they created of launching a concise four-point plan on how to help inspire pupils to defy unemployment rates in the area and continue to do well after school.

They hope to develop the Kirkland Achievement Wall, Kirkland Virtual Achievement E-Wall, Kirkland Achievement Assemblies and the Kirkland Mentor Programme and will now receive support from business professionals to launch them.

Pittencrieff Primary School and Glenwood High School were also highly commended for their efforts.

Lesley Thomson, principal teacher of business education at Kirkland High School and Community College, said: “The design reflecting the local economy is really important.

“Straight away my pupils were asking about businesses included on the board – wanting to know what they did, what jobs were available at these businesses.

“It exposed them to new possible local employers and made them realise that there are lots of thriving businesses in Fife.”