Environment secretary calls on MoD to act on Dalgety Bay radiation

The ongoing issue of radioactive particle finds on a beach at Dalgety Bay has draw comment from Scotland’s environment secretary Richard Lochhead.

Commenting after the latest Dalgety Bay Radiation forum meeting, Mr Lochhead said: “It is deeply disappointing that that this situation has arisen as a result of inaction from the Ministry of Defence. I have urged the MoD on a number of occasions to take immediate action and come forward with credible plans to investigate the source of the contamination at Dalgety Bay. I would have expected the level of radioactivity to have impelled those responsible to do the right thing for the people of Dalgety Bay and clean up this mess.

“Despite not receiving a response from the MoD to my letter in October, I will write again to Mr Hammond seeking answers. I am keen to establish the precise nature of their commitment. The Scottish Government prefers that a voluntary approach is taken by the MoD.”