£1/4 million dirt-busting team set to ‘deep clean’ Fife

Fife Council are to set up a dirt-busting team to tackle some of region's worst black spots.
Fife Council are to set up a dirt-busting team to tackle some of region's worst black spots.

Some of the region’s dirtiest black spots are to get an environmental make over as Fife Council plans a £ 1/4million ‘deep clean’ of the Kingdom.

A dirt-busting squad of dedicated deep cleaning staff will tackle local environmental problem areas which aren’t currently being cleaned or serviced as part of the normal programme of work.

The 10-strong outfitwill be employed on a permanent basis carrying out specific street cleaning duties, deep cleaning areas of neglect.

Administration’s co-leader David Alexander thinks this approach will provide a great boost for local communities, many of which have had to put with problem areas for for many years.

“The state of the local environment - litter, graffiti, weeds - has a huge impact on the well-being and mood of the whole community,” said Mr Alexander.

“When an area starts to look run down and dirty this can lead to more littering or fly tipping and can encourage anti-social behaviour as an area appears more and more neglected.

“Sending in a team dedicated to cleaning the area from top to bottom can give the local community a huge boost.”

And he hopes the initiative will spur on residents to take stewardship of the newly cleaned areas to help prevent a slide back into neglect.

The ambitious and proactive approach to tackling the long-term problem encountered in certain communities will be rolled in October and over the next six months will target one ward in each of the seven council areas.

Once completed, the programme will be renewed with a second phase of clean up projects and a similar amount of funding will be committed.

Co-leader David Ross added: “We know that environment has a huge impact on the quality of life in our communities and as part of our plans for a fairer Fife we want to make sure that every area is given it’s chance to shine.

“Creating a more inviting environment and cleaning up problem areas will give our communities a much needed boost, and support the efforts of local residents themselves in helping to keep the area tidy and clean.”