£1m hub at the heart of Greener Kirkcaldy’s exciting future

A celebration of the new premises for Greener Kirkcaldy at East Fergus Place (Pic by George McLuskie)
A celebration of the new premises for Greener Kirkcaldy at East Fergus Place (Pic by George McLuskie)

Greener Kirkcaldy held a celebration to mark the beginning of its move to a new £1m hub.

The charity, which is currently based on Kirkcaldy High Street, was awarded a grant of almost one million pounds from the Big Lottery Fund to refurbish its new home in the former Central Library building on East Fergus Place.

Suzy Goodsir, Greener Kirkcaldy development manager, said the relocation was “very exciting”.

“We’ve been planning this project for a long time,” she said.

“It’s amazing to now have the new building which will be the base for Greener Kirkcaldy, for our staff and our projects, but also the home to the new community food hub.

“The main thing that we’re going to develop in here is a new community training kitchen. It will have eight work stations so that we can do really hands on, practical cookery classes.

“There will be free classes for people on low incomes and also a programme of cookery classes that anyone can come along to for a small fee. That could go from bread making to Indian cooking – we’re even planning gin tasting evenings!

“The whole thing is going to run as a social enterprise with some of the paid for activities supporting the free activities for people in need.”

Geoff Rowbotham, Greener Kirkcaldy board member, said the search for a new home had been extensive.

He said: “It took a bit of time because we wanted somewhere that was quite central. It was with support from the Scottish Land Fund that we purchased the building, then we were awarded £916,068 from the National Lottery.

“About £700,000 will be spent of refurbishing the building, the rest will go towards running the building for the next five years, with offices for our Cosy Kingdom and community engagement teams, as well as being as green and efficient as we can make it.”

Kirkcaldy Councillor Rod Kavanagh attended the event to offer his congratulations, saying: “The facilities that this new building can now provide will be amazing.

“It’s a big step forward in alerting social consciousness to the need to live responsibly.

“There’s a huge range of ideas on offer here. From helping to fix your bike to going to help at the community garden at Dysart and it benefits people in their pockets, which is always a bonus”.

With plans to be in the building by next summer, whilst still retaining the High Street hub, Suzy says they are continuing to make plans.

“We’re looking at more opportunities for outdoor and natural play, to get local kids playing outdoor again,” she said.

“We’re making this move but we’re still planning five years ahead.”