4500 Fife potholes fixed after bad weather

Spring cleaning is well underway as the council works to repair the damage done by the severe weather.

Fife Council has been hard at work dealing with the large number of potholes as a result of the harsh weather conditions.

Cllr Altany Craik, Roads & Transportation spokesman, said: “Since the severe weather hit around 4,500 potholes have been repaired by our roads teams. Roads inspectors have been out and about inspecting the damage and initially there were up to 14 pothole repair teams allocated to tackle the backlog.

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“Thanks to the efforts of the teams we’re now back on track and there are now five teams on full time pothole repairs.”

Street sweeping teams have also been out and about removing grit from footways.

Cllr Craik added: “The Spring clean-up is well underway and we are deploying machinery and men in tandem to sweep off pavements, traffic islands and roundabouts. Areas of high footfall and high ground are being targeted and teams are planning their work on a locality basis.”

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