A CLEAR view through the lens

CLEAR Buckhaven is getting behind the camera
CLEAR Buckhaven is getting behind the camera

Environmental group CLEAR Buckhaven is taking its talents in a new direction – film-making.

As part of a new digital media project, the outdoor specialists will be running a two-day filmmaking workshop over successive Wednesdays.

The aim will be to go from basic planning, developing a brief script to filming and editing to create a short film.

Bruce Henderson, volunteer development co-ordinator with the group, said: “This is a very positive part of CLEAR and part of our developing range of activities.

“We already have our own YouTube channel and will be adding to this over the coming months.”

CLEAR Buckhaven has been running a short basic introduction to filmmaking for groups with Fife Young Carers (FYC) over the last month.

The feedback has been positive and may help develop a small film development within the FYC.

Sessions begin on Wednesday, October 12 at Buckhaven Theatre from 10.30am-3.30pm, covering pre-production, basic equipment and preparation, followed by developing a story and creation of a basic short script.

On October 19, in the CLEAR Shop, at 36 College Street, Buckhaven, from 10.30am - 12.30pm, filming is due to take place around Buckhaven, with editing the film scheduled for 1.30pm-3.30pm at Buckhaven Theatre.

CLEAR Buckhaven is also developing Community Cinema in Buckhaven and a local Film Society.

It’s designed to create a cinema experience within walking distance for families in Buckhaven and is not intended to compete in any way with the Kino Cinema in Leven.

The dates for the first two screenings are October 24 and November 14, both Mondays, at the Buckhaven Theatre.