Ancient artefacts found near St Andrews

The hoard was found in Kincaple.
The hoard was found in Kincaple.

A hoard of Neolithic pottery and flint tools has been discovered near St Andrews after being buried for over 4000 years.

Work to place four miles of pipeline between Guardbridge and St Andrews led to the find at Kincaple.

Around 30 pieces of ‘grooved-ware’ pottery were found in March last year, when they were excavated from a pit.

Flint tools, thought to have originally come from Yorkshire, were also found, suggesting contacts and trade across large distances at the time.

Analysis found that the tools had probably been used for stripping bark and skinning animals.

Archaeologist Alastair Rees, of archaelogical and historic environment consultancy ARCHAS Ltd., said the finds gave an interesting insight to life during the period.

He said: “These finds provide yet another piece in the jigsaw to help us reconstruct the mundane – as well as the more interesting – aspects of how societies interacted and travelled in Ancient Britain.

“The artefacts provide more evidence of long-distance trade, contacts and especially ideas across the country.”