Appeal to Kirkcaldy residents to report fly tippers

Fly tipping outside Kirkcaldy
Fly tipping outside Kirkcaldy

Stop blaming the council and start reporting those responsible for fly tipping!

That’s the strong message to Kirkcaldy residents from Cllr Neil Crooks, chairman of the town’s area committee, following news that incidents of fly tipping in and around the town had increased by almost 100 between October and March this year compared to the same period last year and are still rising.

Cllr Neil Crooks

Cllr Neil Crooks

Councillor Crooks said that instead of blaming it on the recent changes to Fife’s recycling centre hours, people should be reporting the culprits so action can be taken.

“The changes to recycling centre hours were made to prevent £1.5m of illegal dumping at the Fife taxpayers expense,” he said.

“We are trying to tighten up on people using the centres which are for domestic use unless they buy a ticket for commercial use. People who choose not to buy a ticket and dump it elsewhere is the issue that needs addressed.

“If we get information about registration numbers, the type of lorry or descriptions of people we can start to bring down a problem that is costing Fife £1.5m annually,” he said.

Councillors at the Kirkcaldy area committee were told that a pilot project will take place in Linktown and Invertiel in the coming months after residents raised concens about the rise in fly tipping incidents.

Houses have been leafletted to advise them where they can report incidents and signs warning about illegal dumping have also been put up, with regular patrols continuing around the area.

Councillor Zoe Hisbent said: “It has been frustrating to see comments on social media blaming the council. It is the people doing this who are to blame and the anger should be directed at them.”