Buzzard attacks north east Fife runner

The buzzard attacked Mr Davidson three miles out from Cupar.
The buzzard attacked Mr Davidson three miles out from Cupar.

A Ceres runner has spoken of his fear after being repeatedly attacked by a buzzard while running last week.

Tom Davidson (62) was running from Cupar to Letham when the bird attacked him – an experience he admitted “frightened” him.

Mr Davidson was running on the road between Duffus Park and Fernie when the incident occurred.

“I was about three miles out of Cupar,” he told the Herald.

“I heard a buzzard screeching and thought nothing of it. It then swooped down on me from behind.

“I was clueless when the first attack happened.

“It then proceeded to wheel round and do it again and again and again. I just carried on running.”

After around 10 minutes and dozens of attacks, the buzzard stopped its aerial assault.

However, Mr Davidson was aware that he would need to travel back along the road to get home.

“I came back and it happened again,” he said.

“It must have buzzed me at least 20 times. I didn’t feel talons – but I have read stories of people getting quite nasty injuries.

“I was quite scared. I found myself walking backwards because it was coming at my back.

“I was watching it coming towards me and then waved my arms.

“Then it would just veer away and then launch another attack.

“It was very persistent and would not stop.

“I didn’t know what it was going to do – it is an exposed road.

“Eventually I got out of its territory.”

Mr Davidson said the bird came at his face at one stage, swooping away just feet away.

He has now vowed not to go running on the road again and considers himself fortunate that he was not injured during the attack.

“It’s rare,” he said.

“I’ve been running for many years. I’ve been attacked by dogs before but not anything like a buzzard.

“I’ve never encountered anything like this before.

“I’m lucky that I wasn’t injured.”