Damp is affecting my children’s health

Jeanann Mutch (21) with daughters Brooklyn and Brianna in their damp house photo. Picture by Walter Neilson
Jeanann Mutch (21) with daughters Brooklyn and Brianna in their damp house photo. Picture by Walter Neilson

a YOUNG Lochgelly mum claims both her and her daughters’ health is suffering from having to live in a home that is riddled with damp.

Jeananne Mutch (21), and her daughters Brooklyn (3), and Brianna (14 months), all suffer from asthma, while the older girl also has a heart murmur and the younger bronchiolitis, a childhood form of bronchitis.

And Jeananne says that living in the damp atmosphere at the four-in-a-block property in Paul Street is making their condition much worse.


At one point last year the girls’ health was so bad that their health visitor wrote a letter to Fife Council asking for them to be moved to alternative accommodation.

But Miss Mutch claims her pleas for someone to come and sort out the problem have fallen on deaf ears, and she is at the end of her tether.

“It is horrendous, there is damp in every single room including the hall, but the worst affected is the bathroom and the bedrooms.

“I have had to throw out between £500-600 worth of bedding, clothes and furniture which have been ruined by the damp.

Air vents

“I complained to the Council and they sent out a man who stuck a device in the wall and told me that I had to keep the air vents open at my windows.

“They are open all the time anyway, but that doesn’t make any difference.

“Both the girls’ and my asthma are really bad and I am worried that living in this damp flat is going to seriously affect their health.”

Lynn Leitch, area team leader with Fife Council, said: “This property was fully inspected in 2009 and no evidence of damp was found.

“The tenant at the time was advised on the proper use of heating and ventilation to help with condensation.

“At the request of Ms Mutch an inspector called at the property in December, a card was left asking the tenant to contact the office to make another appointment for a visit and, to date, this has not been done.

“If Ms Mutch gets back in contact with us we’d be happy to arrange a time for another visit that will hopefully help resolve any issues she has.”