Dog injured during walk in Fife woods

Starkies Wood.
Starkies Wood.

A dog was seriously injured after getting caught on dumped fishing hooks while being taken for a walk in Buckhaven.

Craig Taylor (41) was walking his dogs at Starkies Wood when one, Suzie, got caught in fishing line, with one hook catching her leg and another lodging in her throat. Suzie was rushed to an emergency vet, where she was sedated and had the hooks removed.

As she recovers from the incident, which occurred on Thursday, owner Erica Taylor has called on residents to show “more respect” for their area and stop dumping rubbish.

“I’d ask people to be more considerate,” she said. “There’s places to dump. People should show more respect for the area.”

Erica says she has already cleaned up dumped rubbish on the grounds of Denbeath Parish Church.

“The previous week I was clearing out dumped rubbish at the church,” she said. “I went out of my way to make sure that it was safe for children who play there and for our dogs.”

Speaking of the incident, she added: “I was very angry. It cost us £250 and nearly cost Suzie her life. If we hadn’t reacted quick enough it might have been a different situation. I’ve taken time out to clear rubbish up and then a week it has become an issue again.”