Environmental group launch e-bike scheme

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A environmental group, based in Methil and Buckhaven, has launched a new e-bike project this week.

CLEAR Buckhaven has six new e-bikes, which will be offered on short and medium-term loans to the community centre staff and local volunteers.

An electric cargo bike will be shared by staff to move tools and produce between CLEAR’s sites in the area.

The group already runs its own biking club in Buckhaven over the summer months, which repairs bikes, and takes donated bikes and makes them available for public use.

“It is a step into the future for Buckhaven and Methil,” said Allen Armstrong, secretary of CLEAR.

“It is a great opportunity for people in the area to get about more easily.

“For people who find slopes and the wind more of a challenge, the e-bikes made it easier.

“We are still piloting them. We are hoping that might help to make them more popular.”

Councillor Ryan Smart, who attended the launch of the e-bikes, praised the work of CLEAR.

“This is a fantastic source for CLEAR and hopefully the people of Buckhaven and Methil in the future,” he told the Mail.

“It is great to see something like this in the area.”

Cllr Ken Caldwell added: “This is a fantastic project for CLEAR Buckhaven. They make very positive in the communities of Buckhaven and Methil, not only in what they do to make the area look better but also by getting the community involved in the various projects they are involved in.”