Fife cricket club stumped over dog mess

Gilvenbank Park.
Gilvenbank Park.

Dog owners have been urged to pick up after their pets, after cricket players were forced to clean up dog mess at a local park before being able to begin play.

Members of Glenrothes Cricket Club have had to clean up dog mess at their pitch at Gilvenbank Park several times this year.

The chair of the club, Kenny Crichton, is now calling on dog owners to pick up the mess.

He told the Gazette: “It’s happened a couple of times before, where we have had to spend time removing it.

“This weekend we had to spend time picking up the dog mess. I must have picked up at least 10 pieces of it throughout the park.

“And that’s just a small part of the park.

“The dangers of dog mess is quite severe.”

Mr Crichton said that while the issue was not consistent at the cricket pitch, it is an issue in the park.

“Because it’s a wide-open park and there are not a lot of people there, owners seem to think they don’t have to pick up after their dogs,” he added.

“There’s not enough dog bins up there.

“If there were places for people to put dog mess, that could help.

“It’s also frustrating for the dog owners who do pick up the mess.”

Glenrothes Cricket Club has previously backed calls by dog owners for a designated dog exercise area to be installed in the park.

A campaign was also launched by Fife Council earlier this year, urging dog owners to pick up mess.