Fife dumps wheelie bin calendar service

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Fife Council’s decision to scrap delivery of wheelie bin calendars to households could lead to “confusion and missed collections,” claims a Fife councillor.

Julie Ford is urging residents without internet access to request a paper-version of bin collection dates, after the council abandoned the scheme to save £75,000.

Current bin calendars run out Fifewide on September 30, 2017.

Cllr Ford said: “I think it’s important to make all households aware that from September they will no longer be supplied with paper bin calendars and that these will now be available to access online.

“I do have concerns for those people without internet access and think that this may cause confusion and lead to people missing collections.

“Therefore, I urge all residents without internet access to call the Recycling Helpline on 03451 55 00 22 to request a paper copy of the new bin calendar.”