Fife environment group criticises Fife Council electric vehicle charge

A Cupar environmental group has criticised the decision to charge for electric vehicle charging.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 8:03 am

From April 1, people will have to pay a connection rate of £1.60 plus 15p/kWh.

The charges were agreed at an economy and tourism committee in October, after council officers warned that it was unsustainable for the local authority to absorb the costs.

However, Sustainable Cupar argues that motorists driving electric vehicles could end up paying twice to park their car.

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“It’s been a traditional view locally that Fife Council can’t charge for parking at the Fluthers car park,” said Sustainable Cupar chair Gordon Pay.

“Fife Council plans to start doing that from April 1.

“What makes this worse is that this charge is particularly applied only to those who are trying to be environmentally friendly. Both in relation to climate change, but also not adding to toxic air pollution in Cupar’s Air Quality Management Area.”

“Cars at the charging points will have to pay a fee particularly for the use of the space. In the case of the Fluthers, and also the Bonnygate, this is more than fossil cars need to pay for their space.

“Indeed, in the Bonnygate when an electric car is finished charging the user will be required to move it to another space and pay again for that. EV users required to pay twice.

“As Fife Council itself says in its report to committee, ‘this remains an important climate change related transport initiative to encourage growth in EV usage and applying a step change type user charge from day one could hinder this policy initiative’.

“I thought Fife Council had declared a climate emergency, and this sort of thing would be considered as part of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan?”