Fifers mark anniversary of ‘line in the sand’ climate strike

A special ‘Line in the Sand 2’ was held last week, as part of the latest climate strike.
The designs on West Sands. Pic: Ben Markey.The designs on West Sands. Pic: Ben Markey.
The designs on West Sands. Pic: Ben Markey.

One year ago, around 1200 people gathered on West Sands, standing in a line and remaining silent, as part of a protest.

Eager to mark the anniversary, but aware of the current restrictions and the need to keep socially distant, organisers instead formed a line of 120 socially-distanced shoes along the beach.

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Individuals, families and students visited the beach at different times during the morning to write climate messages and artwork in the sand.

School pupils from Bell Baxter High joined the initiative by forming their own line of shoes in Cupar, and school children from the Montessori nursery in St Andrews did a beach clean on Castle Sands and also formed a line in the sand.

Organiser, Léa Weimann, student association environment officer, said: “In difficult times like these is has become more important than ever for our community to stand together for a future on a habitable and sustainable planet and call on politicians to lead a green recovery.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic born out of wildlife trafficking and human’s increased invasion into wilderness and nature. It has killed thousands around the world and forced to halt our whole global community in the tracks. It has changed our lives. For better or for worse, we will unlikely be returning to the world as it was before. The challenge is now to use this historic opportunity to build back better.”

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