Fifers reminded to be on the look out for blue-green algae

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NHS Fife is issuing a reminder to people to be on the lookout for blooms of potentially hazardous blue-green algae in the region’s waterways.

The health board is advising the public, especially people undertaking water sports, anglers and dog owners, to be alert to the blooms as temperatures rise.

Dr Margaret Hannah, director of Public Health, said: “Canoeists, wind surfers and swimmers who come into contact with the algal scum or who accidentally swallow affected water can suffer from complaints such as skin rashes, eye irritation, vomiting, diarrhoea, or pains in muscles and joints.

“These symptoms are usually mild, but in some cases, can be severe.

“The risk to small animals like dogs is significant over the summer months as they tend to drink more water in the heat and may eat shoreline algal crusts.

Fife water courses being monitored are: Stenhouse Reservoir, Cowdenbeath Community Woodland Ponds, Clatto Reservoir, Craigtoun Park Ponds, Tayport Common Pond, Tarvit Pond, Peppermill Dam, Keir Dam, Bellknows Pond, Raith Lake, Beveridge Park, Jamphlars Pond, Glenrothes Park Pond, Coull, Kinghorn Loch, Town Loch, Loch Ore, Loch Gelly, Loch Fitty, Lindores Loch, Black Loch Newburgh, Birnie and Gaddon Lochs, Golden Loch, ilconquhar Loch, Newton farm Loch Wormit, Moor Loch, Black Loch nr Dunfermline, Tollie Hill Loch, Otterston Loch, Dunearn Loch, Silverbarton Hill, Camilla Loch

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