Frustration over damage caused to Fife park

Damage caused to Cotlands Park.Damage caused to Cotlands Park.
Damage caused to Cotlands Park.
Local residents are angered that a Levenmouth park is being repeatedly damaged by anti-social biking.

A number of Kennoway residents have expressed frustration about damage being caused to Cotlands Park by bikers.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the issue was affecting the whole town.

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He added: “They are going round the streets and people are getting annoyed. Cotlands is a well used park. You’ve got dog walkers, people using the green gym, prams getting pushed about. Plus you’ve got the teams preparing all week to play football, turning up at the weekend to find the pitch has been wrecked.

“It is soul destroying. They are doing it for their own pleasure and they are ruining a great park.”

The resident said the issue had been going for about six months and called for the police to do more to tackle the issue.

“The police have not done enough,” he said. “The police needs to take more action before something serious happens.”

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Damage has also been caused to the football pitches, affecting local teams.

Stevie Donnelly, chairman of the Kennoway Amateurs, said: “It’s a miracle that no one has been seriously hurt yet.

“We and the other users of the park have repeatedly reported the damage caused and it is still happening regularly.

“The good people of Kennoway have had enough of this antisocial behaviour and it’s time it was stopped.”

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Local councillor David Alexander also expressed frustration with the issue.

“It is totally unacceptable the damage that is being done,” he said.

“If these neanderthals think they will get away with this then they are sadly mistaken.”

Community Sergeant Craig Fyall from Levenmouth Police Station said that police were working to ensure the park was safe.

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He said: “Our local action plan ‘Reflector’ targets the illegal use of motorbikes and associated antisocial behaviour in public places.

“Over the last month officers have seized two bikes and one man has been charged in connection with road traffic offences. We continue to work with our partners to ensure that Cotlands Park is a safe place for the local community and visitors to use.

“I would ask anyone who witnesses illegal activity or criminality to report this to police immediately via 101, or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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